Pedro Sánchez announces a record investment in Spanish sustainable mobility: More than 13,000 million euros

It is accompanied by a series of structural reforms that will allow achieving five objectives:

Modernize the productive fabric and the Administration.
Boost the ability to create quality jobs.
Increase productivity and potential growth of the economy.
Reduce social and gender gaps.
Boost the green economy.

In accordance with European guidelines, the measures included in the plan establish four axes of transformation:

Ecological transition.
Digital transformation.
Social and territorial cohesion.
Gender equality.

These aid from Europe are articulated through 212 measures, of which 110 are investments and 102 are reforms.

The investments will mobilize about 70,000 million euros in the period 2021-2023. The green and digital areas will be crucial and will account for 39% and 29% of investment respectively; education and training will obtain 10.5% of the resources and R D i 7%.

Green hydrogen
Of the 20 main investments that are going to be developed in the first phase of the plan, it is very striking that the most important amount, 13,200 million is destined to what the Government has called a Sustainable, Safe and Connected Mobility Strategy.

The amount is very significant given that in second place is the Housing Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration program, with resources of 6,820 million euros, and in third place the modernization of public administrations, with 4,315 million euros.

These reforms are based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda and specific recommendations for Spain. There is a heading dedicated to green hydrogen and another for a sustainable and connected mobility strategy.

All these measures will be specified in the coming months by the Government of Spain, as the president announced at a press conference.

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