China suspends an Argentine refrigerator after detecting traces of covid in meat packaging

The detection of traces of coronavirus in an Argentine meat shipment in Nanjing put the entire Argentine livestock chain on alert. Is that more than 50% of exports go to the Asian giant. This Friday, the health authorities of the People’s Republic suspended for four weeks the Gorina de La Plata refrigerator, which is the company that sent that shipment to China.

From the National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality (Senasa) they recalled that the viral traces of the covid were detected on the external packaging of the meat and not on the product, which was in good sanitary condition.

They also clarified that the refrigerator has not been delisted but rather suspended and once the deadline has expired it will be able to operate again in this strategic market. “The health and safety of the meat was never in doubt in the Asian country,” insisted Argentine health officials.

Argentine meat exports to China are not at risk because there are 90 Argentine meat processing plants authorized to send beef cuts to this market.

The Argentine government also presented a claim to try to shorten the term of the suspension that is being evaluated by the Chinese health authorities.

As Clarín reported on Thursday, the Argentine shipment had entered through the port of Shanghai and on November 9 a part was transferred and deposited in a cold store in the city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu. On November 10, prior to its release to the market, the CDC Nanjing authorities conducted tests on the aforementioned product.

For Senasa it is an isolated case since it is the first time that this has happened to Argentina since the pandemic began, and he added that this has already happened with products from Brazil, Uruguay and other countries.

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