The Etchevehere mother: “My daughter Dolores has no rights to this field”

Leonor Barbero Marcial de Etchevehere speaks with a slow and firm voice, accurately recounting why she is convinced that it is a usurpation of a family asset. It points out that the Justice should not delay in making the final decision to ask the people who are in this field to withdraw immediately. “Judge Flores and the Prosecutors have in their possession all the documentation they need to prove that my daughter Dolores does not have any rights over this family field,” he says emphatically.

Regarding the impact of reaching the doors of Casa Nueva and meeting in person with the occupants who are watching her from the other side of the gate, Leonor turns her eyes to the side of the road, where they remain posted and awake her three sons, Luis Miguel, Juan Diego and Sebastián and gives the indication that the chain fence be maintained, because as the owner of the establishment she expects the protection of her own. “Here, if someone wants to come in, let them show the papers, because the Director of Las Margaritas Sociedad Anónima, it’s me,” he shouts before the attentive gaze of the group of visitors who remain at the Estancia.

“It is sad for us that these people decided to settle in our family home. The property has been our space for more than fifty years, where we have spent part of our existence, my children and I. Casa Nueva is part of our life. It is also significant because my husband, Luis Francisco, had a special love for this field. He passed away a few years ago and here we keep some of his personal effects that have enormous sentimental value for the family, “he adds.

“We want to know why, these people who present themselves as” visitors “, decide to take personal effects of the family, damage spaces such as the garden, with picks and shovels and use all kinds of goods that do not belong to them. That is serious and very painful. For example, they took the hats that my husband collected and used them. Likewise everything that is inside the main house of the room, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms. Because in addition, they all sleep there. This attitude of those who manifest themselves through the media as peaceful and organized people is part of what I do not understand. Why does my daughter allow them to take and use our belongings, those of her family, “she laments.

For Leonor Barbero Marcial, this conflict could have been avoided. She admits that she has not had communication with her daughter for a long time. “This situation of people who came to our house one night, we were especially surprised because my daughter did not tell us that she would come with these people. They arrived and presented themselves before the managers of this camp, and entered breaking windows and generating a situation of mistreatment of the Casa Nueva staff “. It is also surprising, given the distance that a portion of the family assures that Dolores Etchevehere has had for a long time. To measure the distance that her daughter has with this field and rural life, Leonor relates: “Dolores chose as a personal path to go to live in Buenos Aires with my parents, who lovingly sheltered her when she was 16. And she only came to Entre Ríos. So much so that she decided of her own free will to sell all her possessions. And she always did it accompanied by her lawyers, “he clarified.

She also expressed her concern about the damage caused to a productive establishment in full operation at the time the conflict began. “My son Juan Diego, who is a lawyer like his brothers, is the administrator of this field that has a dairy farm, hectares in agricultural and livestock production. As all producers know, it must be guaranteed that the activities of a productive company are allowed to continue, ”said Leonor.

“We are going to recover everything that damages the people who are now in our family home and who now carry out activities in the field of Las Margaritas Sociedad Anónima. Because even if it takes us a long time for Justice to recognize the right we have, we will wait. And we will continue doing what we did all our lives, work ”, he refers.

On the other side of the gate, meanwhile, inside Casa Nueva, Dolores, who did not respond to repeated requests for an interview from Clarín, told journalists from the C5N television channel in a live broadcast, from the Estancia, that she will denounce this Monday to his family for a cause of gender violence, economic and extortion. She assures that she has been claiming the Justice for her rights for more than eleven years and in reference to gender violence, specifically, she relates that it is mistreatment that she suffers from her brothers since she was a child. “This Monday I am going to chronologically tell the Prosecutor everything,” he warned. About her mother, she preferred not to refer. “I’m not going to talk about my mother,” he said.

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