Gustavo Grobocopatel resigned from the presidency of his company and stayed to live in Uruguay

Gustavo Grobocopatel, known as the king of soybeans for his role as a businessman during the oilseed boom, decided to resign from the presidency of Grupo Los Grobo and go to live in Uruguay, in what seems to be a trend for the business environment . The businessman told Clarín that he first passed the quarantine in the neighboring country and “being quite installed, I decided a little more. I am approaching 60 years and I want to choose what to do and what not to do ”. Reluctant to give further details, those who know him well, who are few, link to the tax issue and what has been called “trench fatigue.” In other words, fatigue due to the difficulties posed by Argentina.

Vice President Santiago Cotter will hold the presidency of Los Grobo until the next Assembly. And Matilde Karina Grobocopatel, Gustavo’s sister, will be the titular director.

In the letter he sent to the company with his resignation, Grobocopatel states: “Over time I have been thinking about what I would like to do and where to develop it. I found a place in Uruguay several years ago. The arrival of the pandemic, its prolongation in the time and the risks it poses to health accelerated this process and I have been living here for almost a year. I know this shore well, where I have worked for many years. I have learned to love this place and its people, so similar to me For this reason, I will leave the presidency of the company in the coming days, keeping my shareholding in the group companies unchanged and I will focus my professional efforts on the search for international expansion opportunities for Los Grobo and on the activities of consulting that I want to develop in different parts of the world. My affections and my dreams live and will continue to live together with yours. We are part of a fantastic feat to which we join almost 40 years ago: transforming the interior with sustainable development in the broadest sense of the word. ”

Among the businessmen, the first to cross the pond was Marcos Galperin, who resigned from directing the destiny of Mercado Libre, the most valuable company in the country, in Argentina. Then he was followed by bankers such as Federico Tomasevich de Puente and Claudio Porcel de Balanz and part of Globant’s senior management, to name only those who took public status. The British school in Montevideo announced that it no longer has vacancies due to the arrival of the Argentines.

In the case of Grobocopatel, it is striking because at first it showed some empathy with the Alberto Fernández government. Grobocopatel revolutionized the way of working in the field with precision agriculture, services and association with producers. But the group’s expansion to Brazil in partnership with the Japanese Mitsubishi played a trick on it. He had to sell a large part of Los Grobo in Macri’s time. In 2017, it transferred 75% of the capital to the Victoria Capital Partner fund, which injected them with US $ 100 million. The company has Agrofina strong in agrochemicals, they produce seeds, but they were detached from the production of pasta.

Victoria Capital that managed to add the Grobo to the IFC, the financial arm of the World Bank, the Dutch bank FMO and the University of Texas, which for the first time set foot in the country.

The fund is a shareholder of Zucamor (cardboard packaging) and of the seed producer Satus Ager.

Los Grobo was founded by Bernardo Grobocopatel, who came to America in 1910 from Russia to work as a rural contractor. Since then it has been pure growth as large producers, collectors, service providers and agro-industrialists. They also expanded to Uruguay and Paraguay.

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