The home office is here to stay, according to companies

The social isolation by the coronavirus put in focus a labor modality that had been paving the way for several years: teleworking or home office. Having overcome the instance of having verified its benefits, 47% of companies assure that they plan to sustain teleworking at different levels when the confinement ends, while 42% still have not ruled it out.

The data comes from a study on the home office, made by Apex America, a company specialized in Customer Experience in Latin America. This study collected the responses of 1,200 collaborators from Argentina, Chile and Colombia, out of the 5,600 that the company has throughout the region and results from 40 global brands that it serves in six countries where it operates.

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One of the main challenges that the home office brings to companies is that the collaborator has a more active role, and it is at this point that their well-being and experience become more critical than ever. These collaborators who take responsibility for self-leadership remotely need new organizational structures ranging from the infrastructure they have at home or the training models with which they incorporate new competencies, to the way in which they remain motivated to deliver the best quality. , the company explained when introducing the topic. These are some conclusions of the work:

● 80% of the respondents considered the home office experience good.

● 56.8% said it took 1 day to adjust, while 22.7% needed between 2 and 3 working days.

● 9.1% of the collaborators still do not feel adapted to this modality, as of May.

● 81.8% said that what they miss most about going to the office is seeing their colleagues, and 36.4% said they miss the spontaneous talks.

In both, among the most common foreseeable complications, 3 main ones appear: internet connection, although 77.5% consider that their internet connection is good, it was one of the most frequent reasons of stress or uncertainty at the beginning of the experience ; followed by the correct operation of calls and the use of the systems.

According to the 1,200 respondents, the most valued aspects of working at home are the additional time generated by not having to travel to work, flexibility in hours, saving money on transportation, clothing and snacks, the longest time they can share with their families. and the independence that enables telework itself.

According to the study: ● 64% love working from home, while only 12% hate it and 24% have not yet decided.

● 80% of people live with other individuals in the home.

● A high number of remote collaborators work in the same room where they sleep: more than 47%.

● 49.9% are concerned about their emotional or psychological health. 45% consider that they need more and better emotional tools.

● 70% of the total feel that they must deal with negative emotions such as stress, discouragement or anxiety at some point in the day.

● 55% feel the need to train in new skills to work better from home.

“While companies operating in the traditional market expressed an almost total level of satisfaction with the migration to remote work, those who do it in the digital market were highly satisfied despite the fact that their operations were under some pressure from the increase in consumption” , according to the report. Although the conjuncture of COVID-19 made an impact, the study yielded positive data also in the corporate world:

● More than 60% of companies consider that their team adapts and has operating results.

● The companies stated the seven most relevant aspects to work towards turning to remote work: commitment and performance 22%, efficiency 20%, closeness 17%, control 16%, connectivity 11%, training 7% and safety 6%.

This new modality, without a doubt, puts the organizational paradigm of each company in the spotlight. “The great challenge is to moderate the points of conflict and enhance the most valued aspects to sustain motivation and consolidate fidelity,” they noted at Apex America.

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